Best DIY Closet Ideas For Beautiful Home Organization

To place DIY closet ideas in a small room can be a challenge. Whether it’s a bedroom, hallway or mini dressing room, a small space needs smart ideas that are practical and beautiful to look at. That is why today we show you some of the perfect closet solutions that will find a place in even the smallest niche and also beautify your room with a neat design.

Having a limited area of ​​the room makes you have to carefully choose furniture designs that fit the size of the existing room, for example, choose the size of the closet in your home. DIY closet design not only has to have a size proportional to the bedroom, but also must still function optimally as a place to store goods.

Best DIY Closet Ideas
Best DIY Closet Ideas

The first creative idea to make your own closet is to make a hanging cupboard. You can use stairs and old boards to arrange them into a hanging cupboard. To make the room theme memorable rustic, you can repaint the wood color on the boards and stairs you use.

The design of cabinets that are embedded in the wall (built-in storage) is a cabinet that is made by giving the dimensions of space on the wall. Want to have a large storage space while maintaining the neatness and spatial balance? You can try to apply this cabinet design. The model also varies, you know, it can be merged with the work table or integrated with the bed.

But if your space is very limited, you can easily outsmart it, do not directly reduce the number of items you have. Because it turns out you can make the room look wider without the presence of a closet. Save your favorite items by adopting a walk-in closet style according to the inspiration below.

Here Are DIY Closet Ideas For Beautiful Home Organization

DIY Closet Organization Idea
DIY Closet Organization Idea – Source:
Best Closet Oragnization Ideas
Best Closet Oragnization Ideas – Source:
Best DIY Closet Organization Design
Best DIY Closet Organization Design – Source:
Creative Closet Ideas
Creative Closet Ideas – Source:
Creative DIY Closet Design Ideas
Creative DIY Closet Design Ideas – Source:

Hopefully, this idea can slightly inspire how you organize your closet at home.

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