Fabulous Secret Room Design Ideas To Inspire You

Did you know that not only houses with neat spaces are wanted by everyone, but they also want homes with hidden rooms? Because someone wants a hidden space not only for hiding but also can be used as a private space, a place to study, to entertain themselves by seeking peace.

The house is one place that is quite important for everyone, no matter how much the house, people still want it as a place to go home and take shelter. Considering the importance of the house, people also design the house as best they can to be comfortable and always missed the place. Now for you who want to have a hidden room, you can copy some of the following hidden room types.

Fabulous Secret Room Design Ideas To Inspire You
Fabulous Secret Room Design Ideas To Inspire You

Each secret room must also have an entrance or a hidden door to go to the secret room. Usually, hidden doors lead to different secret rooms. Like the design of the ancient kingdom. With basements or other secret rooms. Who says the idea of ​​a secret room design with a hidden door cannot be applied in today’s modern home? Look at the ideas below to create a secret space in your home.

Here Are Secret Room Design Ideas To Inspire You

The Secret Room Behind the Bookshelf

Secret Room Bookshelf Ideas
Secret Room Bookshelf Ideas – Source: bommaritogroup.com

This bookshelf made of wood fits perfectly into a home library with a vintage interior. Various kinds of ornamental details such as carvings or various kinds of statues are placed in it. Although it looks like a bookshelf in general, there is a hidden space behind the bookshelf. You can make a secret room right behind this bookshelf.

Secret Room With Stone Wall

Secret Room With Wall Stone Design
Secret Room With Wall Stone Design – Source: pinterest.ru

It looks like a pile of natural stone that gives a natural impression in the dwelling. The door with a steel frame is a secret door leading to a secret room. Uniquely some of the stones in front of it became a secret code to open the door by tilting or sliding it in a specific order.

Secret Room With Behind Door

Secret Room Design Idea
Secret Room Design Idea – Source: fanpageanalytics.com

The door which was disguised by the wall certainly looks very hidden. Locking the door using the electromagnetic system, unique again this door is bulletproof. Who are you more curious about who needs a secret room like this?

Secret Room at the Bottom Staircase

Secret Room Design Ideas
Secret Room Design Ideas – Source: house-wear.com

Stairs in the house can be designed with a hidden space underneath. As in this one dwelling, the ladder that becomes the circulation between rooms can be opened up with a remote or a separate button so that the stairs leading to the underground are open and can be accessed by the occupants.

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